Failed Listing {expired_issue} Now What?

Did you have your home listed for sale only to end up without a buyer when the listing expired? Are you wondering where you, or your agent went wrong? While it can be frustrating to have your home not sell look at it as a learning experience as well as a market test. You should now know much more about the market you are in as well as how buyers in the market view your home. The key is to extract the right information from your unsuccessful attempt to avoid a 2nd unsuccessful listing period. The information on this site will help you do just that!

Expired Listing Help! Why Your House Didn't Sell.

Let's start with some of the common reasons for a home not selling:

  • Price-Sellers don't like hearing it, but often times inaccurate pricing is the reason buyers are passing their house by. Seller's need to remember that over 90% of all buyers today shop online first..buyers spend hours and hours pouring over listings on real estate websites reading descriptions and viewing photos and then eliminating the ones that don't appeal to them. If the price is too high, it doesn't stack up to the competition online and gets eliminated from consideration by buyers.
  • The wrong agent-Sometimes criteria used to select a listing agent doesn't work out so well. The fact that the listing agent was the sellers cousin, best friend of the neighbor, the one with the lowest commission rate or the one that would list it at the highest price may have proved not to be such good criteria in the end. Inadequate exposure to the market-Today's buyers are a savvy group of buyers as well as demanding ones. They want the information on homes for sale to be where they are looking for it, when they are looking and they want to be able to access more information when they want it. Yes, the buyers are demanding.
  • Your home wasn't ready-Another common reason for a home not selling is that the home was not in the proper condition for the market. Good listing agents will survey the home and point out to the seller things that need to be done to make the home market-ready.


Tips Sellers MUST know to avoid a failed listing.

  • Why listings expire without selling
  • How to pick the RIGHT agent
  • Tips to prepare your home & price it right!...& MORE....

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